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We are pleased to announce that Sunday morning we will be having services at our church at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. We can't wait to see you. We have the auditorium and the children's area will be functioning. The adult restrooms will be available in the gymnasium. Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday thanks be to God for his goodness to us

May 13

🙌 We have a plan. Slagle Roofing and Construction is actively working to clean up, secure, and close up the damaged parts of our building. The clean up and restoration team will follow up with the internal repairing.

‼️We will post updates as soon as we have them.

‼️At this point there is nothing tangible to do outside of what the roofing and restoration teams are doing.

‼️ If there is anything tangible for our church to do we will share the opportunities ASAP.

The crew got it done today💪

Encouraged by the progress. So thankful for Slagle Roofing and Construction and the many other teams that came out today.

May 14

::::DAY 2::::

🙏 God is ALWAYS faithful

🌳Parking lot has been cleaned up

💪Temporary roofing is in place

🪚Working to remove debris from around the church

🗒Meeting with insurance adjuster

May 15

💧Taring out wet insulation

🔨 Taring out wet or damaged drywall

☀️Drying out flooring and wet areas

🙏 God continues to reveal His hand of protection as the restoration unfolds

May 16

Progress each day!

💯Tree clean up

🙌Glass clean up

✅ God’s mercy and grace are all over this! 

💯Floors and walls are drying very nicely

May 30

Good News! The main church roof is almost complete thanks to Slagle Roofing! They have been working hard pushing the limits to get this restoration done!